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Rinpoche´s Advice


Anyone who has a connection to the Dharma and especially to the great master Longchenpa is welcome, but as this is a Vajrayana teaching, there are some important considerations to take into account beforehand. Please read Rinpoche’s letter of advice below before registering.

Notes: Rinpoche will also bestow the Khandro Sangdü initiation in Mexico.
Please note there has been NO indication of a separate Dzö Dün transmission in California.

A Message from Rinpoche regarding the Longchenpa Transmissions

By now you may have heard that I’ll be giving a reading transmission of the Longchen Dzö Dün and an initiation for the Tiklé Gyachen later this year [in New Zealand and Mexico]. Some of you may have already started researching air tickets and visas. So, before you go on, there are a few words that I need to say.

As for those of you who are new to the Vajrayana: don’t even consider coming. This is not for you. If you genuinely aspire to one day receive Vajrayana teachings, I highly recommend that you thoroughly analyse both the teachings and the teacher. This is what the masters of the past have instructed again and again. We really need to do that. And as for those of you who may be looking for meditation instructions or teachings on the fundamental or Bodhisattva paths: I sincerely discourage you from coming for these transmissions, as they concern tantric, or Vajrayana, practices which may not be helpful to you.

The Vajrayana requires a real bond with the person giving the transmissions. You should know that I have never claimed to be a qualified tantric master from whom you should be receiving Vajrayana initiations and teachings. In fact, there are many things, such as my character, political views, and even the way I speak, which seem to agitate people. All you need to do is a quick Google search on me to find plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t take me as your tantric master. Really, the only reason I feel that I can confer these teachings is that I have received them from my own guru – who received them from his guru, and so on.

You might be wondering what specific commitments will be required if you do attend these Longchenpa transmissions. Once receiving them, you should never, ever, stop adoring the great Mahasandhi and its expounders, such as Samantabhadra, Prahevajra, and Jigme Lingpa, and never stop dedicating your body, speech, mind, time, energy, and values to them. At the very least, you should never, even for a moment, have any doubt about them. In case you can’t keep this commitment, it would be better to stay home.

You must know that once you’ve, by your own volition, received tantric transmissions or initiations from me, our relationship will change drastically, and there won’t be any turning back. There will be no negotiations and there will be no special conditions made for you. You should never presume that, “Rinpoche would never do such a thing,” or that, “Rinpoche would do such a thing.” I cannot, even for a split second, give you any guarantees or assurance. There are no such safety measures in Vajrayana. So, if you have any doubt about that, or what that means, better not come. Save your time and money; and maybe plan a nice holiday instead. If you still insist on coming, then I won’t stop you. Remember, though, to come with a mind prepared for total adventure – free from any kind of expectation of protective padding or insurance, whatsoever. You should keep this letter in mind, not just as a warning, but as a legal disclaimer from my side.

In short, before you spend your precious money booking your tickets and places to stay, please think very carefully about what you might be getting yourself into and what your actual commitments are. If you’re unsure and need to know more, you might want to talk to one our Siddhartha’s Intent instructors. And if you need an instructor or advice on this, you can send a note to [email protected].

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse