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The transmission of the Seven Treasuries is a very large event being organized by a team of volunteers. Out of consideration for the time of our volunteers, we request that before contacting our help desk, you check the FAQ’s below as well as all the information on this website.

We will also continue to provide periodic updates by e-mail as well as updates to the FAQ’s below. You can also discuss arrangements, support each other with information, request room and travel share and ask questions through our Travel Forum.

If you still have questions that are not addressed after first reviewing all these options, then please email with your query only using the emails below. We request your patience on reply times due to the high number of registrants. We also please ask you to NOT phone, send WhatsApp, Wechat or email message enquiries to any of our SIM or volunteer staff or instructors with queries on this.

For all English and Spanish speakers please email: [email protected]

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