The deadline to book our optional transportation buses to La Hacienda has passed. You can now choose to arrive by taxi, Uber, or rent a car at your convenience.


In case you have already booked in our transportation lines, Buda Bus, Tara Drive, and Padmasambhava Express, you can review the map of accommodation and transportation zones here:


The departure points are public parks with spacious parking lots to ensure a comfortable and efficient boarding process onto our buses.

Our three transportation lines are:

Zone A -

1. Longchen-Pass Stop

(Centro histórico - Hacienda Susulá)

Departure time: 7:00 am

Departure point: Plaza grande, frente al Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

2. Buda Bus
(Montejo Promenade - Hacienda Susulá)
Departure Time: 7:10 am
Departure Point: Parque de Santa Ana



Zone B - Tara Drive
(Garcia Gineres - Hacienda Susulá)
Departure Time: 7:05 am
Departure Point: Parque de las Américas (Biblioteca José Martí)

Zone C - Padmasambhava Express
(Francisco Montejo - Hacienda Susulá)
Departure Time: 7:10 am
Departure Point: The Italian Coffee Fco de Montejo 

Important points: 

  • We can´t make refunds once this service is booked and payed for. 
  • On December 8th, there will be no transportation service as registration will occur at a different location in Merida, to be confirmed soon.
  • Exact departure times will depend on the number of participants booking the transportation service.
    Mérida city has limited Uber and DIDI service during peak hours at 8 am and 2 pm, which correspond to the entry and exit times of our retreat.
  • The entrance to the hacienda is narrow, so vehicle access must be one at a time, which may slow down the entry process for participants not booking this transportation service.
  • The transportation does not have wheelchair accommodations.